Call: Incomplete City Beta Workshop
iris 30 augustus 2010

Z33 and Architectuurwijzer invite students and professionals in the field of design, architecture, urban planning, engineering, sociology, making and many others to take part in the Incomplete City Beta Workshop. Incomplete City is a project developed by Joseph Grima (Space Caviar), Marco Ferrari (Folder) and Dan Hill at the school of urban design, Londen University College. Together with this multidisciplinary, international team we will imagine the future of the region of Limburg from a micro to macro level. The workshop has a duration of four days (28.09 – 01.10) and will take place in C-mine Genk. The results will be shown during MANUFACTUUR 3.0, a project of Z33 with the context of the city triennial Hasselt-Genk.

The Belgian province of Limburg is an area of deep industrial heritage, potential technological innovation, cultural activation, and an evolving ecological biome amidst a field of low-density urbanism. However, the region has been unable to clarify a self-image since the decline of the coal industry. The mines were not only an economic resource—they also constituted a powerful network that generated a single, unified narrative of place and people. With a strategic project around the former coal track, seven municipalities want to take concrete steps in the development of their region in collaboration with industrial and economical partners. Can we participate in this debate as a citizen?

More information: Incomplete City Beta – call for participants
Participate? Questions? Send an email to Ciel Grommen.

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